Six unworn outfits in typical woman’s wardrobe

British women’s wardrobes have, across the country, over 180 million unwanted clothing pieces. This would equate to £5 billion if sold.

This includes 6 outfits that haven’t been worn &, typically, still have the price tag attached.

Over half of British women proclaim to possess almost £200 of unworn clothing that is too small for them, to encourage themselves to exercise.

Main unworn items

  • Hot Pants
  • Crop Tops
  • Bright Skirts
  • Miniskirts
  • Bikinis
  • Logo Tees
  • Low-cut Tees
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Tight Dresses
  • Stilettos

Facts sourced from ‘British Heart Foundation’

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Bespoke (Bi Spouk)


  1. Custom-made

Bespoke is an English coined word meaning an item made to the exact specifications of the buyer. The phrase is used to relate to cars, computer software, clothing & furnishing.

Other phrases used in place of bespoke include tailor-made & customised.



Bespoke is a word derived from the verb bespeak, which means ‘to speak for something’. This simply means the end-user has a role to play in the construction of the respective product, so that it best suits their specifications.


Manhattan Closets bespoke crafts wardrobe & closet units to the specifications of individual customers. This ensures that the units are best integrated into a space, both visually & practically.

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Wardrobes & Closets

Wardrobes & closets are terms that are typically interchanged to describe a particular furniture type. However, there are several discrepancies between the two as each term can be used as a better descriptor for different furnishings.


A piece of stand-alone furniture that can be moved between locations

  • Contains grouped clothing, that belongs to one person or is suited for a particular event or weather type
  • A large cabinet unit
  • Traditionally, more popular in Europe & England
  • Used for holding clothes


A small space set off of a room, that is incorporated into the respective property

  • Can contain a person’s entire range of clothing
  • Usually incorporates a modern design aesthetic
  • More common in American properties
  • Used for holding clothes
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In Style

In Style magazine is a famed English publication, ‘for women who love fashion, beauty & celebrity.’ In March of 2009, Manhattan Closets were given proud placement within their pages, named in a regular feature titled ‘LifeStyle: Solutions’. Written by wardrobe guru Julia Dee, the article highlights Manhattan Closets wares with a bullet-pointed list of ‘top ten wardrobe tips’.

In Style

Julia wrote ‘If possible, have a bespoke wardrobe built. One by Manhattan Closets (0844 800 0024) would cost roughly £700-900 per linear metre. A high-end bespoke wardrobe might cost from £10,000.’ 

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