Walk in Wardrobes

London and the South East

Each Manhattan Closets walk in wardrobe is personally designed by Gay or Jenny.  We will make the best use of space and create a solution unique to your home and your needs.

Predominently wall mounted, our American closet system gives us the tools and flexibility we need to use every inch of space in your wardrobe.  Your floor is clear, clutter free and easy to clean and vacuum. Each shelf is designed to fit your folded items without over-stacking, with hanging spaces at exactly the right height and shoes, boots and handbags in their own allocated places.  Our range of accessories makes sure that your belts, ties and jewellery are all neatly stored.   

With all your possessions in clear view and easy to access you may even find you rediscover some old outfits!

We also offer a full range of EGGER ZOOM board colours with décor options to suit all styles and tastes. 

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Suppliers of High Class Wardrobes & Dressing Rooms

Manhattan Closets are leading suppliers of the highest quality, bespoke walk in wardrobes London and the South East. Our wardrobes form an integral component of the bedroom and are a must have for anybody who desires an alternative solution to a standard wardrobe. A walk in wardrobe is the highly preferential choice, with efficient use of space and great looking designs! The price ranges varies, depending upon the type of materials used and the size of the wardrobe, starting from as little as £850 per linear metre. We operate throughout London and the South East, contact us today for a personalised quote.